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Lifestyle Newborn Session Details

  This style of newborn session captures organic moments and connections between your growing family in the comfort of your home.  Feedings, changings, snugglings, and small details; I will document it all for you. One of the great things about Lifestyle Newborn Sessions is how relaxing they are. We all just go with the flow of the baby. Typically, we schedule within 3 weeks of birth. Please contact me once your Bundle of Joy arrives to do so :) 

  Sessions last about 2 hours and typically start around 10am. I will be using natural window light, so it is important to plan ahead. Keep an eye out for the best time of day with the most light in the rooms you would like to use. Master bedroom, nursery and the living room are great rooms to shoot in, so if those rooms are brighter in the afternoon, we can start around noon instead.

* Light is very important. Please let me know if you are having difficulties with this so I can help you figure it out

* I will do a walk through when I first arrive and may need to move a few things around(with your permission)

* I will lightly guide you during the shoot, but want to keep it as natural as possible. I will bring a couple wraps, but will not be over-posing baby with props. Keeping it simple is what it's all about. If you have sentimental items, we can definitely incorporate and document those.

What to wear:

For baby, a plain button-down "onesie", swaddles, or just a diaper look great. For everyone else, I suggest comfortable and casual; whatever your style is. Light, neutral tones go well with baby's skin. Try to avoid loud patterns and logos.

Tips for success:

* Keeping the temperature warm will help keep baby happy. Space heaters, although not necessary, can work well to warm up specific rooms.

* Don't over book yourself with other plans and guests the day of your session. Allow extra time because you never know! ;)

* Relax :) We are documenting such a special time in your family's life. Focus on love and happiness and I will do the same with my camera....

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