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"There is no one I feel as comfortable with to take my family photos as I do with Gina Casey. For someone like me who would rather be the picture taker versus the person being photographed, we need a photographer who puts us at ease so we don't look super awkward in our photos. That person is Gina Casey! Having said that, I have never felt awkward in front of Gina's camera. Her soothing presence and positive energy can make the most camera shy person look natural and at ease. With the documentary photography she offers you get the best of both worlds because you're not posing and staging a shot. The photos are captured during every day life. It's just us doing our normal routine yet the photos are so incredibly precious. As a mom, I wanted photos to represent the little things about my children that I may forget. For example, how my children love to sit on the island at breakfast time. How my oldest son climbs and jumps off everything. How my youngest son will drive his toy cars on every hard surface he can find. The way my husband and I look at our children as we talk to them. Or the snotty nose mess after a huge tantrum. The bedtime story snuggles and giggles. These are the moments and the photographed memories we want to keep. The photos of us all dressed in complimentary colors and facing the camera with our forced smiles as we try to secret tickle the young ones to get them to force their smiles... those are fine too, but the documentary photographs are the real keepers because they tell the story of our lives. I not only rant and rave about this style of photography but there is only one person in the world that I would want to do it and that is Gina Casey. I have an entire wall in my home decorated with our lifestyle photos and I plan to update it every couple years."

"Not only is Gina a warm, lovely, fun person to spend time with, she is also an incredibly talented artist. Her photographs capture life at its fullest, yet also life simply as is. The in between moments that have subtle beauty and the calm in between the chaos. As one of my dearest and closest friends, I trust her in more ways than one (I love you to the moon, sister!), yet I can always trust her to put her heart and soul into her work when she brings her camera into our home or on our family adventures. On this particular occasion, Gina was present for a full day with our family for "A Day in the Life" photography session. I was astounded by what my day at home with the kids looked like from an outsider's perspective! Ha! So many juicy, loving, inspiring moments of sibling and family togetherness. Looking back at a typical day through Gina's eyes, I see life's gifts and this photo series will be treasured in our family for years to come. I'm filled with gratitude for my life and my family and these moments are forever in my heart. Thank you dear friend, you are a gift to this world!

HUGS, love you, R"

"We are very lucky to have had Gina come hang out with us for the day. She captured some truly precious moments and some hilarious ones too. Honestly, I was a little nervous about having a camera around all day and sharing the intimate moments throughout - good and bad/hard. But Gina made us so comfortable and it was way more casual than I would have expected. It was also a chance to look at our routines from the outside as well. I highly recommended this to any one interested! Gus has already grown so much and these captures are truly priceless to me and my family. THANK YOU SO MUCH GINA!!"

"Our friend Gina Casey recently spent an entire day with us and captured our little family for the day. I honestly had no idea what to expect, but I did think it would be a little weird, and I really didn't know what we would have for her to capture. She just told us to do whatever we might typically do. So, naturally, we caught up with some Star Wars characters at the library, checked out some plants for upcoming yard projects, played at a park and chilled at the house. These pictures that just came back far exceeded my expectations. As the girls grow up and our lives grow busier, I am thankful that Bradley Smith and I will have this simple Saturday, so beautifully captured, to look back on. Thank you Gina"

"I get it now. Why people hire photographers instead of capturing shots by themselves or asking a stranger to take a group photo for them. Gina Casey , this was a fun day and it was easy to do this with you. Nicole Smith and I love the slideshow. We'll see you next year for another session"

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