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Welcome and thank you for visiting! My name is Gina Marie Casey, and I am a documentary and nature photographer based in the San Francisco (East) Bay Area.

I offer documentary sessions of all types; "Day in the Life", birth stories, events, and more. Documentary photography captures real moments with no staging or directing involved. Be who you are and do what you do. My intention is to photograph everyday moments in life ranging from the seemingly mundane to the very meaningful so that you can share them for years to come.

I also sell nature and landscape prints and hope that my images inspire you to explore and observe the beauty all around us.

About Me

I'm a bay area native who deeply loves being in natural settings. 

The weight of everyday life vanishes while I'm out hiking, backpacking, beaching, or sitting under a tree.   

When not immersed in nature, I enjoy making and eating healthy vegan foods, second-hand crafting, and thrift store shopping.  I try to be conscious in my daily life of my consumption of all tangible things and in the cause and effect of my actions.

And of course, I love photography, but you probably knew that already!

Here are some documentary-style pictures from my childhood.  I've always cherished and loved looking through our old photo albums.  You can see so much connection, personality, and stories through them.     

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